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  • Guidance on lunchroom/breakroom practices during COVID-19 from the Brant County Health Unit

  • Maintain physical distancing while in the lunch or break room. Physical distancing means maintaining a distance of at least two meters (six feet) or more between persons.

  • Restrict eating to clearly identified and dedicated eating areas. These areas should have handwashing stations, cleaning and disinfectant materials and adequate space to maintain minimum physical distancing.

  • Post physical distancing signage to remind workers to keep their distance.

  • Ensure enclosed lunchrooms are well ventilated or only made available during inclement weather if they are not well ventilated.

  • Post signage to remind workers to wash or disinfect their hands before and after eating.

  • Ensure maximum limits are put on the number of people allowed in eating areas.

  • Stagger coffee/lunch breaks to reduce the number of workers in the lunchroom at the same time.

  • Limit access and use of shared devices like coffee machines, water fountains, microwave ovens, etc.

  • Clean and disinfect tables, microwaves, and other commonly handled items between workers’ lunch shifts. Also, ensure that the means to clean and disinfect these devices between uses is provided.

  • Where there are touch points such as door handles and water coolers, etc., paper towels should be provided to allow users to avoid skin contact.

  • Organize chairs and stagger seating arrangement to maintain physical distancing, or have workers take lunch and coffee breaks outside.

  • Remove garbage often.

  • If air circulation is a concern, install negative air units and vents outside the lunchroom.

  • Separate PPE and clothing that is hung up in the lunchroom to avoid potential cross-contamination.

  • Workers intending to take work clothing home should place the clothing in a plastic bag and not remove the clothing until it goes into the laundry to be washed (ideally separately).

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